Webinar: How Child Accounting Impacts a School District’s State Subsidy

In this session, PASBO's Director of Research, Dr. Timothy J.Shrom, will investigate how important child accounting is for school districts in maximizing state subsidies. The funding formulas and reporting will be discussed. There will also be ample opportunity for Q&A. This session is for members only.

Monthly Webinar: A Guide to Interscholastic Athletic Opportunities, Home Education, and Private Tutoring Reporting

Speakers:  Tom Dubbs, Tony Durante This presentation will address Home Education and Private Tutoring and the Interscholastic Athletic Opportunities data collection tools and uploading this data into PIMS. Presenters will also share the basic ‘How-to’s for submitting the Accuracy Certification Statements (ACS) through the Future Ready Comprehensive Planning Portal (FRCPP). Some approved as well as . . .

Monthly Webinar: PVAAS and PIMS

Speaker:  Kristen Leewald In the webinar, we’ll highlight the PIMS collections related to PVAAS and then show what that data looks like in PVAAS and why it’s important for educators. We’ll focus on the data set being released in late October and work in later collections as time allows.

Webinar: CTE Reporting

Kevin Springman and Tammy Keisling, Bureau of Career and Technical Education | Pennsylvania Department of Education Brenda Gomez-Perez - Data Quality This webinar will look at the Secondary PIMS User Guide and CTE submission process. We will also talk about FRCPP and how important it is for the schools to ensure they are checking off . . .