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Speziale and McCook Lifelong Learner Scholarship Award

Kitty McGuigan pioneered the idea of gathering Child Accounting Professionals from across the state, and using that gathering to share ideas, procedures, and information. As a result of Kitty’s vision, A/CAPA was born. Through word of mouth among school districts across the state, the association grew and eventually needed new leadership.  Two young educators attended those early meetings and ultimately stepped up and took on leadership roles.  Sometimes they volunteered, sometimes they were elected while they were in the rest room, but those two young educators became a team and under their guidance, A/CAPA grew and flourished, becoming the association that it is today.  

As a board, we wanted to recognize the tremendous amount of work, time, and dedication that has been shown to A/CAPA.  We want to create a lasting legacy that will honor these efforts.    

Both of these men exemplify the concept of lifelong learning.  They continue to work in education, have taught at the college level, and mentor others on a daily basis.  It only seems fitting that the new Lifelong Learner Scholarship be named the Speziale and McCook Lifelong Learner Scholarship, after Michael Speziale and Byron McCook. Please join us in thanking these men for their contributions, past, present, and future.  They have truly left an indelible positive influence on the association.

Download the scholarship application form by clicking on this link:

Adult Scholarship Application Form (2023)  

Congratulations to this year’s recipient (2022)

Debbie Kuehnle
SD: Upper Moreland SD
Attending: Ashworth College
Pursuing: Bachelor of Science in Psychology

Past Years Recipients                        (Full Details – Download)  

(2021)  Amy L Collier
(2019)  Amy L Collier