Webinar: The Current Changes and Clarifications to Act 1 and How They Impact You

Following up from the earlier Act 1 webinar, this session will be on the changes that have come to Act 1 of 2022 and how it applies to homeless and foster students. Homeless and foster updates focusing on post-identification, SAP referrals, trauma-informed care, and the current economic environment. Presented by:  Jeff Zimmerman

Webinar: End of Year Reporting: Preparing for PIMS Child Accounting Upload

PDE’s Child Accounting Specialist, Shane Miller, will help provide guidance and take us through the process of preparing for end-of-year reporting and answer any questions you may have to prepare you for your End of year better reporting. Presented by:  Shane Miller,  PDE Child Accounting Specialist

Fall 2023 Data Collection Workshop

Kalahari Resorts & Convention Center 250 Kalahari Boulevard, Pocono Manor, PA, United States

Fall Workshop 2023 September 21st- 22nd, 2023 - Kalahari Resorts & Convention Center Registration for the workshop has closed. September 21, 2023 9-10 am: Registration 10 am-Noon: Orientation Sessions Act 45 Data Quality Curriculum SIS Vendor Meetings Noon-1 pm: Lunch 1 pm-4 pm: Data Governance Tool Hands-on Work Developing a Calendar Identifying Data Sources SIS Vendor . . .