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Preparing for End of Year Child Accounting Reporting – Tips For Beginners

1. Verify bell schedules for each building. Verify with principals that the bell schedule did not change during the school year. Some Child Accounting folks require their principals to sign off on the bell schedule.

2. Verify the calendar for the school year. Do you know the “days in session” or student days for each grade level? Does this number agree with your computer program or “student information system”? Were full Act 80 days approved by PDE? Were the Approved Act 80 Days used as planned?

3. Verify entry and withdraw dates for students who did not attend the full school year. Check students with high number of consecutive absences—should they have been withdrawn because another LEA is educating, have moved, or dropped out of school?

4. Verify the AVTS roster with the High School Guidance Office. Verify student’s residency status as resident, foster, etc. Verify entry and withdraw dates for students who attended less than the full school year.

5. Nonresident students: Are they classified correctly in your student information system? At the end of the year, the tuition bills should agree with the membership reported on Child Accounting reports.

6. 1305/foster students: Do you have current documentation to prove these students are not residents of your district (parents live outside of your school district), foster parents are receiving a per diem to keep the child?

7. 1306/wards of the state: Do you have documentation to prove these students are wards of the state? (if you have a residential facility in your district, you may have this type of student).