Student Scholarship Information

Kitty McGuigan Scholarship Award

In 2000, the membership approved the awarding of an annual $1,000 college scholarship, The Kitty McGuigan Memorial Scholarship, to an active member’s son/daughter.  This year, the award will be granted to a student who will be beginning college in the Fall after the Fall Conference.  A committee has been formed to review applications for the scholarship. Although awards will be made at the Fall Conference, it is not necessary for you to be in attendance to be considered.

Download scholarship application and guidelines at these links:

Scholarship Application Form (2023-2024)

Scholarship Guidelines (2023-2024)

Congratulations to last year’s recipients (2022-2023)

Olivia Conaway
Parent: Kim Conaway
A/CAPA Member Shenango SD
College: West Virginia University
Pursuing: Immunology and
                  Medical Microbiology

Dylan Butler
Parent: James Butler
A/CAPA Member Greater Altoona CTC
College: Shippensburg University
Pursuing: Secondary Education in Mathematics


Past Years Recipients                        (Full Details – Download)  

(2022) Kaitlyn Naylor
Hayden Siegel
(2019) Cara T. Shultz
Jacob Berzowski, Daniel Coughenour and Tayler Roberts
Renee Shultz
Nathan Blair, Dominic Nocera
(2015) Alyssa Christian, Brett Bealer, BreeOnna Springer
(2014) Julie Shields, Benjamin Bertram, Alicia Reilly
(2013) Joshua Meck, Abigail Canter, Allison Coller
(2012) Abby Rhodes, Tyler Kristufek
(2011) Alec  Kaluder, Benjamin Meck
(2010) Dylan Smith
(2009) Kelly Heffern, Dylan Fabrizio
(2008) Erika Baer, Jacob Palo, Adam Trimble
(2007) Kelsi Ann Horan, Jacqueline P. Ogden

Resources for Non-A/CAPA Scholarships

These links were provided to A/CAPA by a third party to share with the members.  A/CAPA does not have input or control over these funds and receives no benefit from sharing these links with its members.

Finding and Applying for Scholarships:  https://studentaid.gov/understand-aid/types/scholarships

FAFSA Application:  https://studentaid.gov/h/apply-for-aid/fafsa