Webinar: Update on Homeschooling

This session will present new information, and changes to homeschooling will be discussed. A focus will be on the impact of Act 55 on homeschooling students who wish to attend a vocational program. Presented by: Fianne van Schaaik and Tom Dubbs, PDE Sponsored by:  PowerSchool

Webinar: School to Work C’s to Success

In the ever-changing education environment, we have been forced to adapt and overcome the obstacles put in front of us. Today's school-to-work programs face even more interesting challenges. Utilizing the “C’s” to Success will help your school achieve its mission and provide you with the tools to create or improve your school-to-work program. Presented by: Mike . . .

Webinar: Safe Schools Reporting

This will discuss reporting the safe schools information and reporting for the upcoming school year. Topics will include truancy, safe schools reporting, fire/bus reporting, and security drills. Presented by: Erin Westfall, Joseph Loccisano, and Jay Wasser, PDE Sponsored by:  Focus 

Webinar: The Current Changes and Clarifications to Act 1 and How They Impact You

Following up from the earlier Act 1 webinar, this session will be on the changes that have come to Act 1 of 2022 and how it applies to homeless and foster students. Homeless and foster updates focusing on post-identification, SAP referrals, trauma-informed care, and the current economic environment. Presented by:  Jeff Zimmerman

Webinar: End of Year Reporting: Preparing for PIMS Child Accounting Upload

PDE’s Child Accounting Specialist, Shane Miller, will help provide guidance and take us through the process of preparing for end-of-year reporting and answer any questions you may have to prepare you for your End of year better reporting. Presented by:  Shane Miller,  PDE Child Accounting Specialist