2023 C1 PIMS Reporting Changes

2023 C1 PIMS Reporting Changes

August 15, 2023

The new PIMS reporting changes require a new collection for C1 titled “C1 Oct Pro Staff Vacancy 2023-24” for all LEAs that report Staff data. This collection will report counts of all full-time and part-time, vacant, professional staff (Appendix B) positions as of the Staff Snapshot date (10/2/2023). For this collection, a vacant position is defined as an unoccupied position that has been board approved and posted to allow the LEA to proceed through the hiring process. 

Note: Any posted position that is currently filled by an individual with a Type 01 Emergency Permit is not considered unoccupied and should not be reported as a vacancy. 

At this time, PDE does not plan to release a Staff Vacancies template tool for the new reporting requirement. The CCIU Data Governance Team created an Excel tool for Staff Vacancies reporting. Please find the attached Staff Vacancies Excel tool. Your LEA will need to input data for the color-coded columns in green.

Please reference the PIMS Manual Vol. 1 and 2 as a guide to accurately report your Staff Vacancies data to PIMS.